Park in T.O. at the tap of a screen

Mayor John Tory recently announced a new system that will allow drivers to pay for parking at Green P parking lots throughout Toronto on their smartphones with the help of a new update for the Green P mobile app. Before the update the app was used for locating parking lots throughout Toronto, but the new update makes parking easier than ever.  

The app is completely free and is available for iPhone and android users through Apple iTunes, and Google Play. If you have a Windows or Blackberry phone you can visit through your mobile browser, or you can follow the links from the on your desktop.

After downloading the app drivers use a credit card to add a minimum of $20 onto the account. By keeping their card linked they can top up their funds at any time. After parking, drivers input the parking lot number and their license plate number into the app and choose a duration of time that they wish to stay parked in the lot. The app will automatically remove the funds from the driver’s account. It will even send users an alert 10 minutes before their parking is about to expire, and in most cases will allow them to purchase extra time remotely.

Drivers will pay the same amount for parking regardless of whether they use pay and display or the mobile app.

The new system will be introduced in phases, but all outdoor “pay and display” lots are expected to be equipped with this new feature by late spring, with many already being outfitted with the technology. Each parking lot that uses the app will have a sign with the app logo and the parking lot number. You can also determine if the parking lot is app friendly by looking under the find parking function on the Green P app.

For a full list of app friendly parking lots visit the Green P FAQ page

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