Patrick Brown set to battle Wynne in election and courtroom

Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown released the party’s new platform in preparation for the provincial election scheduled for June 7, 2018. In a speech at the party’s policy convention on Nov. 25, Brown outlined the platform, called the People’s Guarantee.

Highlights include lower income taxes for the middle class to a tune of 22.5 per cent, a 75 per cent refund of child care expenses and a further 12 per cent reduction in hydro bills.

Brown, born in Toronto and a product of St. Michael’s College School, is a lawyer. His sister also has a Midtown dental practice. He will be battling Premier Kathleen Wynne in the election, and possibly a courtroom, as she is suing Brown for defamation, as she did with Tim Hudak, the last Tory to take her on in 2014 in a case that was later dropped.