Plan to develop Midtown church sparks speculation

A community meeting will be held this month to discuss a development proposal for the now-empty St. Margaret’s Anglican Church near Avenue Road and Eglinton Avenue. Some locals are concerned that the lack of details could mean the current plan for 20 three-storey townhouse units on the site is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Is this really a viable design or is this just somebody trying to do the mathematics to get a rezoning on the property?” said Terry Mills, a local resident and planner, who said he is particularly concerned about the “unrealistic” density of the project.

According to John Andreevski, the city planner assigned to the project, plans are still in a preliminary form. A staff report states that several issues need to be resolved such as “the design of the proposal” and “the scale, massing and intensity of the proposed development.”

Andreevski said it is important to determine whether the Eglinton LRT proposal will go through, as there are plans to build an Avenue Road station next to the development site.

Alex Boros Design Inc. was unavailable to comment.

Local councillor Karen Stintz said she is aware of some issues, such as density and parking concerns. Currently just 20 parking spots are proposed for the 20 townhouses. She said the issues will be discussed at the upcoming meeting scheduled for April 11.

Article exclusive to TRNTO