Popular bagel pop-up gets a permanent storefront in Toronto

Primrose Bagel Company debuts its hand-rolled, malt-boiled bagels in Oakwood Village on Jan. 10

The first brick-and-mortar location of buzzed-about bagel purveyors Primrose Bagel Company launches this Friday, Jan. 10.

The self-described “bagel lifestyle brand” announced via Instagram that their much-anticipated storefront in Oakwood Village, north of St. Clair, will be serving “a curated selection of items you might find at a NY style bodega,” including smoked fishies and salads, soups, and, of course, hand-rolled, malt-boiled bagels.


Primerose Bagels
Primerose bagels (Gareth Hoom)

Although Primrose is comparing its new storefront’s menu to a NY bodega, their beloved bagels are positioned as “decidedly Toronto” rather than the familiar New York or Montreal styles, featuring fluffy interiors and crispy exteriors.

Primrose quickly appeared on Toronto’s food radar last summer with well-publicized pop-ups at spots like Bar Isabel, North of Brooklyn Pizzeria, Extra Burger, and Sam James Coffee Bar.

Their new location promises hot bagels accompanied by eclectically-flavoured spreads like concord grape jam and wasabi-tobiko, along with coffee and ‘nosh’ like potato knish.

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