This popular bagel brand is about to get its own storefront in Toronto

Primrose Bagel Company is taking a break from backyard parties to open its first shop in midtown

The elusive Primrose Bagel Company has been sighted at backyard parties and restaurant pop-ups in Toronto all summer. Now, its finally getting its own brick and mortar storefront in St. Clair West Village.

Primrose Bagel Company is what founders Sam Davis and Jesse Rapoport are calling a “bagel lifestyle brand.” The hand-rolled, malt-boiled bagels are classic in style, with fluffy insides and a crunchy exterior and are topped with a number of hedonistic shmears, like wild blueberry and tobiko, more commonly known as, flying fish roe.

When Primrose made its way onto the scene this summer they were celebrated almost immediately by influencers and industry hot shots. With pop-ups in some of Toronto’s more well-known spots, like North of Brooklyn Pizzeria, Bar Isabel and their most recent, a backyard party located behind Trinity Bellwoods favourite caffeination station Sam James Coffee Bar, this bagel brand is making itself known in the city’s food scene.

With their Instagram flooded with comments and followers, there is already a ton of hype around this new bagel bonanza. Look out on their Instagram for news about the new location coming soon this fall.


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