Property Brothers: This spring, pretend you are staging your own home

Drew and Jonathan Scott on low-cost ways to do a weekend renovation

With spring greenery comes the sense of a fresh start. Why not extend that to your home? Start by doing a deep clean, including mouldings, door and window frames, window blinds, spaces under beds and other furniture, kitchen, baths, house plants, even air ducts. A simple-to-apply polish can restore luster to wood floors. Clean windows will make your rooms sparkle. 

Do a complete walk-through of your home and note anything that seems worn or dated. (A helpful exercise: ask yourself what you’d remove if you were staging your home to sell it, even if you’re not.) Purge closets, shelves, tables, counters and cabinets of old, unused or surplus items. Donate anything of value to a local non-profit or sell it online.

Of course, everyone has a ton of stuff they want to keep. We always try to give clients plenty of storage for toys, games and sports equipment, so when they’re ready for fun, they can quickly find what they need without those items cluttering their space. Make the most of existing closets and cabinets and consider adding more storage options, from attractive baskets and boxes to under-bed bins to storage ottomans and armoires, which come in any style.  If you have the space and the budget, consider built-in solutions, such as a new kitchen island, a double-sink bathroom vanity or wall cabinets around a flat-screen TV. We are fans of closet organization systems. If you have order in your closet, your day can start and finish on a positive note.

Put away non-seasonal items such as winter clothing and sports gear. If your home has an attic or basement, you can store out-of-season clothes in mothproof, fabric-sided closets and airtight plastic bins. And just as you change your wardrobe in spring, consider giving your home a seasonal flair with sunny new bed linens, bath towels and other fabrics, such as cushion covers, slipcovers and even area rugs, swapping them for existing items that you can change back to in fall. Look at your spring/summer wardrobe for colour inspiration — including, perhaps, a hue to paint an accent wall for a pop of seasonal colour.

Now is also the time to get your outdoor living area ready for balmy weather. Consider it an extension of your home that deserves attractive furniture, lighting and cushions (the variety and quality of today’s outdoor fabrics and rugs are better than ever). 

You can give a deck or patio a room-like feeling by incorporating benches and planters into railings and adding an umbrella, awning or arbour. Use latticework to provide shade and privacy. A fountain (even a tabletop model) provides a refreshing sound. When it’s warm enough, add ornamental plants that can be moved inside in fall.

To get a head start on outdoor entertaining, add a firepit. Even the simplest metal-bowl design (which can double as an ice-filled drinks cooler on hot summer days) can be a warming, festive focal point — and an invitation to toast s’mores! Propane space heaters (the kind used on restaurant terraces) are another option.

It doesn’t take a major reno to freshen up your house. Small changes can make a difference. Replace old drawer and cabinet pulls with new ones in a more contemporary style. Trade tired old sink hardware for a sleek new design. Swap out dull or dated light fixtures for appealing alternatives. Giving your home some TLC now is a rewarding way to celebrate spring’s spirit of renewal.

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