Barsa Taberna

26 Market St.,
Toronto, ON M5E 1M6


About the Restaurant

With a specialty in sangria and taking inspiration from Gaudi, Picasso and Dalí, what else has to be said to lure you in to Barsa Taberna?  Perhaps that it's housed in a 19th-century heritage protected building and its authentic tapas bar perfectly captures the essence and ambience of the Barcelona nightlife all the way on this side of the Atlantic. The food celebrates the culinary diversity throughout the regions of Spain, but everything is fun, flavourful and festive. From a white fish ceviche, made with onion, peppers, a spritz of citrus, pineapple and spicy chorizo, to savoury manchego churros, with black peppers, parsley and saffron sofritos, Barsa Taberna is clearly having fun with its food. And you'll have fun eating it, especially on a Thursday for Flamenco Night.