719 College St,
Toronto, ON M6G 1C2
About the Restaurant

Meet a vegetarian’s hell and a carnivore’s heaven: Burgatory. At times you can catch Burgatory's food truck, but you can always mosey on over to the Little Italy storefront and enjoy what the mother and son team are cooking up. Well, it’s the son who’s cooking up and the mother who’s making sure everything runs smoothly day to day. Enjoy their menu of burgers, each made from and topped up with ingredients that have been locally sourced. All named for a deadly sin, you'll feel gluttonous even if you pick the Wrath burger, a beef patty topped with their Hell Sauce (homemade roasted poblano and chili de arbol sauce), then add some pickled jalapeno, red onion, lettuce, tomato and havarti all sandwiched between a brioche bun. They even hand cut their own french fries (and top them with Parmesan and truffle oil) and make their own sodas (which come in inventive flavours like pear basil citrus chill).