Café Boulud

60 Yorkville Ave,
Toronto, ON M4W 0A4


About the Restaurant

Aside from the decor (which is best forgotten) the original Café Boulud in Toronto was quite good. The food was well-prepared and the service was smooth. But it wasn’t Boulud-level excellent. Sensing this distance from perfection, the superstar French chef took a more hands-on role and remade the restaurant in time for TIFF 2015. The food now is classic bistro with a luxurious twist. There’s plenty of personal Boulud touches (the beignet de calamar include deft Southeast Asian flavours) and nods to Toronto (the quenelle de brochette is made with Ontario-sourced pike.) In short, the rethink worked and Café Boulud is in a class by itself.