douce france- mustard shelves

Douce France

820 Danforth Ave.,
Toronto, ON M4J 1L6


About the Restaurant

Il y a un world to discover at Douce France, the French café and small grocery destination on the Danforth. Be greeted in either language by the bilingual staff and peruse the curated selection of imported goods while the likes of Edith Piaf or Charles Aznavour plays in the back. Those who seek the absolute best French artisanal rarities need to stop by. For example, the L. Voisin chocolates come to Douce France directly from the family-owned company in Lyon founded in 1897. Kids are encouraged to practise their française when ordering a chocolat chaud. Oh, and it's made from a La Maison Angelina recipe, who set up the shop in 1903. There are many savoury options, as well, evidenced by the rows of mustard, cornichons, vinegars and more lining the shelves.