DZO Viet Eatery

308 Dundas St. W.,
Toronto, ON ON M5T


About the Restaurant

Ever miss the days of strolling through the night markets of Vietnam, collecting snacks as you peruse all the different vendors? Well DZO Viet Eatery has brought the night markets of Hội An to Toronto. This Dundas West eatery is an ode to Vietnam with an influence of vibrant Mexican cuisine. It is the ultimate spot for Vietnamese street food with a twist. Get all the classics here, like street style corn, fried and fresh spring rolls and an assortment of Viet-inspired tacos. Also on offer is Banh Mi sliders which are a highlight of the entire experience. Fresh baguettes layered with pickled veg, crispy pork and a spicy sauce; these sandwiches are savoury flavour bombs.

They also have a more traditional menu of Vietnamese classics, like their assorted skewers and grilled seafood. The menu wouldn't be complete without the massive platters offered. These sharables allow guests to experience an assortment of all the incredible dishes DZO Viet has to offer.