Fishman Lobster Clubhouse

4020 Finch Ave E,
Toronto, ON M1S 3T6


About the Restaurant

If there ever were a seafood heaven, Fishman Lobster Club House is where you’ll find those Pearly Gates. The moment you walk in, you're surrounded by mouthwatering crustaceans — tanks full of mostly crab and lobster but also a rotating cast of seasonal fish, such as Green Bass and Flounder. The Scarborough hotspot has long been a local favourite, but due to appearances on shows like David Chang's Ugly Delicious and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, tourists have been flocking here to snap selfies next to 8-pound lobsters and giant crab as the servers fetch dinner from the tanks and bring it tableside. But the influx of popularity shouldn't waver your appreciation of this place.

Here, diners order your seafood by the pound, starting at about $20 per pound and prepared in a variety of methods with a choice of toppings.  The most popular and eye-popping dish is the wok-fried “lobster mountain” that sees a giant mound of battered lobster that is piled high with garlic and smelt that goes perfect with a side of fried rice.  For something a little different, try the deep fried oyster coated in a salted egg yolk “dust” for added yum factor. You can also go all out with their various seafood prix fixe dinners that can feed 2 to 10.