972 College St,
Toronto, ON M6H 1A5


About the Restaurant

Toronto’s obsession with Italiana never seems to abate, and Giulietta is one of the reasons why. Chef Rob Rossi was at first pooh-poohed (the nerve to close Bestellen!) before being embraced twice over. Rossi partnered with David Minicucci (L’Unità), and they ran with their idea of serving Italian food that’s clean, simple and addictive. Pasta is a must. Ravioli has been jazzed with peas, smoked ricotta and guanciale; swirls of squid ink pasta get heat from Calabrian ‘nduja sausage. Bottarga di tonno (a.k.a. cured tuna roe) hails from Sicily and adds a briny, salty quality to asparagus. Weekenders should ask about large deep-sea Carabineros shrimp from Spain. They’re a coveted find in T.O.


"The food is so on point: simple but amazing flavours, polished techniques with an incredibly executed kitchen.­"