Gold Standard

385 Roncesvalles Ave,
Toronto, ON M6R 2N1


About the Restaurant

Tiny restaurants are a thing. And Gold Standard is one of the many gems you’ll find. The team behind The Federal, famed for its brunch offering has partnered up with Reunion Island for the food equivalent of a speakeasy. Doling out a tight menu of sandwiches and Detroit-style burgers from the side window of Reunion Island on Neepawa Avenue in Roncesvalles, it is the kind of spot you take your foodie friends to gain some serious street cred. You can still order food from Gold Standard inside the Reunion Island cafe, but there’s just something about wolfing down one of their sandwiches or burgers al fresco that just feels right - makeshift benches and chairs allows you to forget your table manners for a split second and just enjoy the moment in all its glory.