Masaki Saito

Sushi Masaki Saito

88 Avenue Rd,
Toronto, ON M5R 2H2


About the Restaurant

Michelin star sushi chef Masaki Saito is serious about sushi. His background in marine biology and perseverance working from the bottom up in Japanese sushi kitchens invigorated his passion to create masterful edomae-style sushi. Growing up in Hokkaido, Japan, Saito, always interested in the art of sushi and with a grassroots approach, worked his way to the top. Masaki Siato recently closed his two Michelin star restaurant, Sushi Ginza Onodera, to come to Toronto and rebuild his empire here with an omakase experience people have been waiting months to try. You can chose between the Finest Omakase ($380) or the Best Omakase ($500) fixed menu, which Saito and his small staff prepare for you across the counter. Masaki Saito is preparing edomae-style sushi, meaning the fish is either cured or marinated before serving, making the flavours all the more colourful.