996 Queen St W,
Toronto, ON M6J 1H1


About the Restaurant

Montgomery’s is a true labour of love. Chef Guy Rawlings, who cut his teeth at Bar Isabel, opened the Ossington-adjacent space with his wife Kim Montgomery, who takes care of operations. (And the playlists!) Coming into its third year, the restaurant serves contemporary Canadian cuisine that’s dictated by the seasons. Last year, one of chef Rawlings’s favourite products was fresh seaweed. He would steep kombu in broths and then pickle it, purée dulse into a sauce for ‘shrooms and roast nori and serve it with salt. Although many a restaurant looks abroad for their sodium, at Montgomery’s they’re lucky to work with two Canadian producers who transform ocean water into salt. Rawlings doesn’t venture far for fresh produce. He works with local farmers to source vegetables and gathers flavourings from the rooftop garden and another garden 15 minutes away. Upcoming favourites include fennel seed, which will find its way into salami. They’re also big on cured hams. Every 45 days a new ham is salted. Currently Rawlings is keen on boar and warthog (the structure of the leg is different and the meat is darker).


“Guy Rawlings does quintessential Canadian cuisine. His food is very minimal, but his flavours are always on point.”