Paradise Grapevine

Paradise Grapevine

841 Bloor St W,
Toronto, ON M6G 1M3


About the Restaurant

Bloorcourt’s PARADISE GRAPEVINE steps into the former home of Greek diner Menalon, and it comes to us courtesy of two Bar Volo vets. Christian Davis and Dave Everitt are pretty serious about their wine and beer offerings, with a carefully considered beverage menu that doesn’t care about labels (natural, organic, whatever) and absolutely does care about deliciousness. At Paradise Grapevine, the magic hour descends between 5 to 6 p.m. daily, with wine poured for a cool $9 a glass and beers a chipper $6. Bites are perfect for the nibbling type with offerings like semi sun-dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes and a meat and cheese plate.

TOP DRINK: Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley
TOP BITE: The cheese plate
FUN FACT: They are having a lasagna pop-up on Valentine’s Day

By Karolyne Ellacott

Published: February 13, 2019