que barbecue


1100 Eglinton Ave W,
Toronto, ON M6C 2E2


About the Restaurant

You won't be finding any cheeseburgers at this midtown smokehouse! 'Que is a community-oriented smokehouse and brew locale where the all the meat that's cut is kosher. It still has all the barbecue classics and favourites, just made without dairy. Menu options include a smoked brisket, which may or may not give your bubbie a run for her money, and burgers piled high with toppings like grilled fresh pineapple and pepper, beef bacon, sautéed mushrooms and crispy onions sandwiched between one of the five bun options. 'Que has got cholent for a side dish every Thursday, so hurry in for that because it does not take long for this 36-seater, decorated with refined wood finishings, to fill up.