1281 Bloor St W,
Toronto, ON M6H 1N7


About the Restaurant

“Red sauce Italian” has never felt more apt than at Sugo, a fast-casual spot at Bloor and Lansdowne that opened in 2017. Here, sugo (an Italian word for “sauce”) is not just a name, but the soul of the place. It smothers thick slices of white veal, chicken or eggplant in its drippy sandwiches. It gets ladled hot over fresh gnocchi and staggering mountains of spaghetti and sold by the litre in nonna-approved mason jars. It’s the colour scheme: a bold, zippy tomato red that matches the checkered tablecloths and tiled floors. It’s a place that screams, in its food and its bare bones decor: Come for the famous plate-sized meatball, stay for the sugo.