Udon Kitanoya

513 Bloor St W,
Toronto, ON M5S 1Y4


About the Restaurant

Put the passports away, authentic Osaka-style udon has landed in Toronto with Udon Kitanoya. This spot in the Annex is bright and spacious with vintage Japanese posters and a mural by Toronto artist Kayla Buium as decor. Executive chef Shikatani Masatosi has left 30 years of cooking in Japan behind to bring Torontonians the flavours of niku (slow, simmered beef) udon and Japanese curry udon and to create new, western-inspired flavours such as the butter garlic clam option. At the forefront of the menu is the dashi broth used in the soups. Made from a type of Japanese kelp called kombu and a melange of dried mackerel, sardines, tuna and bonito, it is delicious and the only regional Kansai style done in Toronto.