Three Toronto restaurants that still sing Happy Birthday

These spots continue to honour the age-old tradition

More and more, it seems as if restaurants are on their own mission to rise in the ranks of coolness. Maybe it’s a complete makeover favouring darker tones, perhaps an extensive list of colourful cocktails to do the trick. Thrown out the window, for sure, is one of the industry’s most mortifying yet exciting traditions: singing happy birthday to a guest of honour. We’ve managed to round up the three best places that still make you consider pretending it’s your birthday for (hopefully) free dessert while having to sit through the song. Oh, they’re also pretty cool. 


Forest Hill North’s favourite Italian restaurant will bring out the sparklers and songs for someone’s special day. More often than not, parties bring in their own cake to give to a server at the top of the meal so the sweet birthday baby still gets surprised at the end.

Kinka Izakaya 

Big on birthdays, Kinka Izakaya has its own dessert menu, drinks, and music brought out to celebrate someone’s special day. Singing most definitely included. Get a group picture and they’ll post it to their Instagram account specifically dedicated to birthday celebrations.


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Pantheon Restaurant

Opa! They won’t smash a plate but they will serenade you at this Greek restaurant on the Danforth. Bring in your own cake, choose from one of theirs, or see if they’ll stick a candle on a piece of baklava– it’s a celebration either way. A couple of waiters sing background to the actual singer they have on staff for this sort of thing; call ahead to make sure he’s around!

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