Toronto Vintage Finds: Soft silhouettes and statement pieces at CHOSEN Vintage

For the owner of Dundas West boutique CHOSEN Vintage Melissa Ball, scouring the racks for the best vintage pieces was a passion long before it was considered “cool.” Growing up in Vancouver, she and her friends made a hobby of digging up the most unique vintage finds, and her interest in the pastime hasn’t waned

Toronto Vintage Finds: Retro pieces from the ’40s, ’50s and even the 1800s at Mama Loves You Vintage

True to its namesake, Mama Loves You Vintage is owned by a passionate mother-daughter duo with a shared love for rare vintage pieces. Melo and Mahro Anfield first launched the shop in 2012 with a somewhat minimalist, conservative approach, but have since evolved to display the bright and fanciful esthetic they both gravitate towards naturally.

This new Toronto consignment pop-up is joining the ranks of secondhand retail taking over the fashion industry

A new Canadian online consignment boutique aims to jump on the growing global resale trend with a pop-up at Stackt Market, offering vintage and designer finds at reduced prices. The CLOC pop-up at Stackt Market is bridging the gap between accessible designer brands and the movement to put a pause on fast fashion. In-store shopping

5 Toronto flea markets to squeeze out every last drop of summer

We were all so excited for stores and shops to open up, but now that they have, they’ve only become even more congested. That’s why people are fleeing to markets instead. We’ve gathered a list of some of the city’s best flea markets that you’ll want to check out for some original and affordable finds.

Weekend Warrior: Annex Flea, Promise Garden Party, Toronto Art Expo, Images Festival, Indie Arts Market, Steam Whistle Unsigned

Springtime is upon us (as is the weekend), so celebrate both with our round-up of events, including a late-night garden party, an avant-garde film and media festival, a showcase of independent music, and a selection of arts markets to ensure that you’re fully stocked with gifts for Easter, Mother’s Day and beyond.

What I Wore: an homage to the best of Toronto fashion

It’s a refreshing feeling to look down at an outfit — one that makes you feel at your most stylish — and realize that every item was bought at home, in Toronto. So often, when I’m asked about items I’m wearing, or when I ask other people, the answer is always: “Oh, I got this in New York!” Or Paris, or London, or Hong Kong… you get the idea.

Untitled & Co., a new boutique on Bathurst, mixes eclectic vintage finds with cool contemporary pieces

Cameron Wilson’s proper exposure to the fashion world began at age 17, when he moved to Milan. Working as a full-time model, Wilson became increasingly transfixed with being on the other side of the camera, taking to fashion photography like a moth to a flame. Fast-forward a few years, and Untitled & Co., Wilson’s month-old boutique, aims to recreate some of that photo-worthy flare for the downtown crowd.

What I Wore: vintage finds from Penny Arcade and Value Village, plus, the best pair of $8 sunglasses ever

This edition of What I Wore is dedicated, in loving memory, to my sunglasses. We had a good two-year run before they were tragically lost at sea. Well, really, they were lost at lake while I tried to prove to my brother that I am still the underwater gymnast star I was as a child. Note to self: in the future, remove sunglasses before attempting backwards somersaults and handstands beneath the blue surface. Also, you are not as skilled as you once were, sorry.

Soop Soop launches as Toronto’s latest source for online vintage fashion

For people who love shopping on a budget, there are two important areas to master: vintage and online. The savviest shoppers know exactly which vintage stores will carry the best of which era and which designer, and also know which websites carry hard-to-find collaborations and indie collections. Now, Soop Soop, a new Toronto-based online store, does the work for the rest of us by bringing the best vintage finds to the Internet.

What I Wore: a vintage hoodie, Gucci sunglasses and a maxi dress for a look that’s totally Lana Del Rey

While my style has always been a bit ghetto-fab and sporty, this look makes me laugh because I can’t help but be reminded of Lana Del Rey (minus those puffy lips and that oh-so-wide-eyed look). Even though I might disagree with her claims of “natural beauty,” there’s no doubt the girl and I share a mutual love for Veronica Lake, bling and anything with a varsity vibe. Not to mention a good pair of shades!