She’s in the baby business


Jack Hourigan draws on her experiences as a single mom in her role as host of the women’s lifestyle show Three Takes


What do you wish someone had told you about motherhood?

My mom always told us, “If anyone ever hurt my kids I’d run them over with a lawn mower.” I thought she was nuts until I had my son. No one can ever prepare you for the depth of a mother’s love.

Best Mother’s Day memory?

My sisters and I took my mom to Paris.… It was a lifelong dream for her. After 10 kids, it was nice to finally see her drinking champagne and eating a baguette at a sidewalk café.… And yes, she left her lawn mower at home.



Inspired by the joys of motherhood, Jen Gould, an actor at the Stratford Festival, became a children’s performer

What’s your favourite song to sing to your children?

My husband and I made up a “night night song” that we sing to our kids every night. It’s like superstition now. I can’t not sing it.

Three keys to a great kid’s tune?

Easy rhythmical patterns, engaging lyrics and hand gestures.

The most exciting moment of my life as a mompreneur has been?

Winning a Juno in 2008.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day?

Going for a family bike ride, maybe have some brunch at our favourite local brunch spot (Hershey’s).



Alyson Schafer, a psychotherapist and mom of two, advises moms on her TV call-in program, The Parenting Show

Best lesson or advice you’ve received from your kids?

Keep exploring life and trying new things. I have started drawing, yoga, guitar, running, skiing, all since watching my children find their interests.

What about children still remains a mystery to you?

Why is Pooh so sacred and special to them?

The best gift a mother could receive on Mother’s Day?

Hearing something like, “I love how you serve me cocoa in that special Santa mug after skating, and you always add some cold milk, so it’s not too hot, and I can drink it right away.”



Frustrated by a lack of healthy baby food on the market, Eryn Green and Tamar Wagman created Sweetpea Baby Foods

Eryn, what is Tamar’s best quality as a parent?

That she’s a relaxed parent, in a good way. I’m a first time mom, so I’m a bit more anxious.

Tamar, same question:

That she appreciates every single second she has with her baby girl.

What is the most failproof item you feed to your young ones?

They love our cookies, adults love them too! They love that their mommies make them and that our photo is on the box!



A funny mommy by trade, Kathy Buckworth was inspired by her four kids to write several award-winning works

What is some memorable feedback you’ve received from a reader/mother?

A mom who was in the hospital told me that reading my book made her laugh & helped her to escape. I love hearing that my book made them feel like they weren’t in this crazy parenting world all by themselves.

Describe your ideal Mother’s Day.

My kids love to give me handmade gifts and “pretend” to be nice to me all day. As they get older, I find they understand that the best gift they can give is time.



Sisters Dawn and Jacquelene McCorman turned their love of kids and clothing into Love Child Boutique

Dawn, as a mom of three, what’s your best advice for your sister, who’s expecting?

Don’t be afraid to let your kids learn their own lessons.

What does it take to be a mompreneur?

Dedication to both work and family.

Which of you caused your own mom the bigger headache growing up?

Neither of us caused too much trouble for our parents. Honestly … you can call our mom!


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