Shop Talk: Nikki Wirthensohn of T.O. womenswear line Narces dishes on her style secrets

Wirthensohn’s mother worked with the British Royal Family’s tailor, Victor Edelstein, who is known for creating some of Princess Diana’s most iconic gowns. So naturally, Wirthensohn had a flair for formal wear when she entered the fashion world on her own. She shares her inspiration and what to expect from her most recent collection.  

Why did you decide to name your line Narces?
Narces is my middle name. It is a Greek name and the name of the flower narcissus, or as we call them, daffodils. The flower symbolizes the beginning of spring and a new year in Persian literature and is perceived as a symbol of good fortune.  

What inspired you to design women’s formal wear?
My mother has always been by far the dominant source of my fashion education, but overall she is an inspiration to me every day. My past has been filled with couture garments, and that naturally led to me developing this obsession over the most glamorous piece a woman can own, which is a dress – one garment that completes the look. 

What can people expect from your most recent collection?
Amongst all the stunning style icons of the ’70s, I was moved by Bianca Jagger’s unique sense for glamour when she reigned as the queen of the Studio 54 scene. Narces injects this season’s dresses with elements of her glam look ranging from sleek suiting to her sequined disco fashion. The Narces girl this season is strong and sensual with a confident style appealing to her multi-faceted lifestyle. The line’s signature circle cocktail dresses, lace inserts and embellishments and esthetics also remain in the collection with a fresh reinterpretation.

What is your favourite boutique in Toronto?
I really enjoy going to TNT. It is like a stylish closet of all the pieces you need for various events and lifestyles. 

What are your wardrobe essentials?  
My wardrobe essentials are unique accessories that make a drastic style change with outfits. Just one interesting accessory can make that look really special. These include jewellery, shoes, purses and belts.

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