Simple ideas to keep you and the kids headache-free this March Break

March break is officially here. Although it may provide parents with a welcome break from packing school lunches, it also means you’ll likely have some kids hanging around the house looking for stuff to do.

If you’re planning on spending the week with them, strains of “I’m bored” are best avoided. There’s nothing more boring than hearing those words day after day. For me, the thought of dragging my kids to overcrowded museums, indoor playgrounds and other places that require handfuls of Tylenol is less than appealing.

Here are some cheap and cheerful ideas to keep everyone happy.

Shake and bake
Put on some music and boogie around the kitchen while baking. I’m no Betty Crocker myself, so I use the term “baking” loosely. But kids love creating in the kitchen, so you can “bake” anything from smoothies to crepes.

Be neighbourly
Teach your kids to be good neighbours. Maybe the elderly widow next door would love some homemade soup. Your kids’ hearts will feel as warm as that soup if they do something kind and constructive with their time off school.

Spring clean
Why not make use of this week and do some spring cleaning? Motivate your kids to clean out that toy room by putting outgrown items aside and pricing them for a garage sale. My kids dream of having a garage sale the way I dream of winning the lottery. 

Be active
There’s a winter wonderland outside your front door. In addition to the usual snow activities, I arm my guys with loads of food colouring and send them out the door. It may look like Rainbow Brite threw up in my yard, but it sure does keep them busy.

Chill out
Life is busy. Make sure you take one day to just hang out in PJs and do things like watch movies, eat popcorn for lunch and play a bunch of board games.

Get crafty
Even those of us who do not have the “crafting gene” need to let loose once in a while. Pick up some supplies and accept that your house is going to be covered in sprinkles and glue by the end of the day.

Just because it’s March break doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with fancy outings and expensive adventures. The best things in life are free — and kids know that best.

Julie Cole is a blogger, co-founder of Mabel’s Labels Inc. and a proud mom of six.

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