Soop Soop launches as Toronto’s latest source for online vintage fashion

For people who love shopping on a budget, there are two important areas to master: vintage and online. The savviest shoppers know exactly which vintage stores will carry the best of which era and which designer, and also know which websites carry hard-to-find collaborations and indie collections. Now, Soop Soop, a new Toronto-based online store, does the work for the rest of us by bringing the best vintage finds to the Internet.

Taking away the oft unpleasant, oft time-consuming aspects of vintage shopping (the damp scent, the overwhelming volume), Soop Soop curates clothing and accessories for men and women (and many of the pieces can be worn by either sex). It also transforms old, stained or ripped clothes into contemporary, even trendy, pieces that feel new, and it also uses recycled packaging for its shipping.

“Reformed is our term for up-cycling,” the websitesite says. “We re-use whatever we can find to create one of a kind, sustainable clothing that you actually want to wear.”

The catalogue is packed with denim shirts, camo, cut-offs, nubby sweaters and other super-stylish finds — no flea market pick-through required. We have our eye on a unisex Swedish bush jacket that would be perfect for fall.

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