Storm Crow deathburger

Storm Crow launches a Halloween-themed delivery concept

The new Deathburgers are served on a charcoal-infused bun imprinted with a skull

In pop-culture, the Grim Reaper is synonymous with bringing death. But what if he brought char-boiled, mouth-watering sliders, instead?

This Halloween, that’s exactly what one local restaurant is offering its guests. Storm Crow recently added the Deathburger to its menu, which, alongside its line-up of Dungeon burgers and dogs, also features “deadly” concoctions like the Deathwing’s Salad of Destruction.

And, for those who place an order for delivery on Halloween night (Oct. 31), the Grim Reaper himself will show up to your house in a hearse to deliver delicious sliders, beer-battered onion rings and even crispy, golden fries—which sounds like a much better deal than the standard trick-or-treating haul of a bag of chips and a candy bar.

The concept is all part of Storm Crow’s Reaper Delivery service, which will be available for guests on Oct. 31 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.


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Served on a charcoal-infused, skull-imprinted bun layered with 1.5oz of AAA Canadian beef, the Deathburger sliders come in three variations including the original Deathburger, the Deathburger Royale and the Deathburger Supremo, all of which are available in orders of six, 12 and 24. Prices range from $22.50 for six to upwards of $90, depending on the slider.

Diners can also add extra toppings for a cost, including favourites like garlic aioli, candied bacon, caramelized onions and deep-fried jalapenos.

To wash it all down, each Deathburger order will also come with a can of Liquid Death springwater (sparkling or still), a whimsical drink that’s said to have been cursed by a real-life witch who placed demons inside each can. But, don’t worry — in the event that you actually become possessed from drinking the demon-infused Liquid Death water, Storm Crow promises to provide a $1 coupon off an exorcism.

The Deathburger is currently available on Uber Eats, and will soon be available to order via Skip The Dishes.

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