Style Q&A: Valentine's Day dilemmas solved

I’m divorced and just started dating again. My guy is taking me out for dinner this Valentine’s Day. I want to look sexy but elegant. What to wear?

Now that you are back on the dating scene, I say play up your assets but in a feminine way.  If you feel comfortable with your body, wear something that shows off your shape but hold back on low-cut cleavage and super-short lengths. And don’t go all tarty in a second-skin Lycra dress.

The first date isn’t the time to "give away the bank." If you have good legs, wear a knee-length skirt, add a high heel and show them off. But remember to dress in a tasteful way. You don’t want to send out the wrong message.

I don’t look good in red. Is there anything else I can wear on Valentine’s Day?

There is no rule that says you must wear red on Valentine’s Day. Wearing a great Little Black Dress that fits you perfectly and that you love will make you:

  • 1. Look skinny
  • 2. Feel comfortable
  • 3. Look chic
  • 4. Allow you to relax and be yourself. Confidence is the best thing you can bring to the table.

My boyfriend takes casual to a whole new level. What can I get him to have him looking sharp for Feb. 14th?

Some poor guys always feel the pressure on Valentine’s Day.  So help them out a little.  Tell them that they can wear their jeans as long as they follow your instructions.

The jeans should be new, in a dark finish, and have a newer slim leg (not faded, baggy and have lawn mower oil from the last time they cut the grass).  

Get them a black dress shirt (made from 100 per cent cotton or cotton with some Lycra)  and make sure it’s on the fitted side — again, not too baggy.  

I would also pick up a black blazer with some shape to it.  The lapels on the jacket shouldn’t be too wide.   Lastly, this outfit needs a finishing touch — black ankle boots (think Beatles circa 1965 British Invasion).

What’s the best clothing/fashion item to get for my wife for Valentine’s Day?

If you ask her, she’ll always say "diamonds." But since you asked me . . . After a great meal at her favorite restaurant, present her with a wonderful bottle of good bubbly or Italian prosecco, some chocolate covered strawberries, and a dozen long stem roses.

You can change up the order of delivery, but if you show her that you’ve thought about how the evening should proceed, you may not need another gift.

But, if necessary, a feminine silk blouse (with return receipt option) is always nice, since it shows you regard her as feminine. Lingerie can come across as just plain tacky.

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