Jeanne Beker on the hottest new work shoes for winter — slippers

jeanne-beker-plaidOne of Canada’s most trusted authorities on style and fashion, Jeanne Beker has covered the industry for more than 30 years. Now watch her in her current style editor role on TSC’s Style Matters with Jeanne Beker or tune into her new podcast Beyond Style Matters, available wherever you get your podcasts. 

Gone are the days of stilettos and brogues. Now our chilly toes are wrapped up in slippers while we work. So we asked Jeanne Beker to pick the most cosy and chic slippers to add to our work wardrobes.




A) Cool and classic

“These are no nonsense, simple and modern, and they look a little hip, plus the lining will keep you cosy.”, $129.98

B) Basket weave

“That woven leather is very rich and very classy. It screams elegant Old World. These will last a really long time.”, $295

C) Luxe living

“These Gucci women’s slippers just scream high style. They’re very luxe and lush and very smart looking.”, $1,295

D) Emerald toes

“I love these velvet slippers in this great shade of green. They just look very luxe and gorgeous.”, $33.75




E) Pink party

“These look really glam, and it’s hard to resist a slipper like this because it just gives you happy feet.”, $124.99

F) Time for tartan

“I love these tartan knot platforms. They speak to the wannabe Scottish girl in me, and plaid is so hot this season.”, $375

G) Gorilla shoe

“These are hilarious. They have full face gorillas, and they look real! They’re whimsical and crazy cosy.”, $43.50

H) Disco dance

“It’s hard to resist this disco-checkered pair from Ugg for those glam Zoom meetings. They’re adorable and totally charming.”, $140




I) Puffy paws

“This pair from Sorel is a great take on the puffy jacket, almost like little sleeping bags for the feet.”, $44.99

J) Check please

“I just love the classic Buffalo check, and I love the feel of the moccasin. There’s something retro about them.”, $29.96

K) Spiked slippers

“The back of the heel detailing is really flashy. It’s great for someone who wants to feel like they’re wearing armour.”, $330

L) Olive to be cosy

“There’s something almost elegant about these olive slippers, and the lining will be very cosy and chic.”, $145

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