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Jeanne Beker on the most stylish way to stay cool in the shade

Our fashion columnist picks perfect parasols and wide-brim summer hats

jeanne-beker-plaidOne of Canada’s most trusted authorities on style and fashion, Jeanne Beker has covered the industry for more than 30 years. Now watch her in her current style editor role on TSC’s Style Matters with Jeanne Beker.

The days have been hot, hot, hot, so it has never been more important to shield your skin from that summer sun. We asked Jeanne Beker to pick her favourite wide-brim summer hats and parasols to ensure we can all stay stylish and safe in the shade.



summer hats

A) STRAW SENSATION, $419.53, “I really like this straw plaid fedora. It’s unusual to see plaid in a straw hat, and I love it.”

B) FUN AND FEMININE, $475, “I love the combination of light pink with black and the red cap, so it’s got a bit of an edge to it.”

C) MODERN EDGE, $66, “This white hat is a classic with the black band, which gives it an edge: the perfect hat for the beach.”

D) THREE-TIER TOP, $195, “This is definitely something Audrey Hepburn would’ve worn. It gives you great height too.”

E) POP OF ORANGE, $279, “This hat is an incredible style statement. It looks really chic, and this colour is wonderful.”

F) FANTASTIC FRINGE, $287, “This fringe has a wild, almost jungle vibe to it with the funky fedora styling at the top and this huge brim.”

G) VISOR VIBES, $35, “This visor is so chic, you can dress it up or down, and it would be perfect for a day of golf or tennis.”

H) DRAMATIC BLACK, $34.99, “I really like this one. It’s very dramatic, and for those of us who swear by black, this is a great hat.”

I) ULTIMATE SHADE, $575, “It looks like it drags down your back and covers your shoulders. This yellow hat is sensational.”



A) DOTS AND DARTS, $47.91, “This is summery with the stripes and polka dots and this adorable little duck on the handle. It’s a cute accessory.”

B) STARRY NIGHT, $45, “I really love this Van Gogh umbrella. Why confine art to your home when you can wear it out and about.”

C) PRETTY PETALS, $45, “This one is pretty vibrant and optimistic but classy with that nice brown background.”

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