Superette and 4YE collab

Superette and 4YE launch a new merch collab

The new collection design blends university logos with cannabis-related imagery

Cult-favourite (and Canadian) cannabis brand Superette is known for taking a community-based approach to retail with its positive programming and grassroots perspective on cannabis culture.

Building on the brand’s mission, Superette has partnered with streetwear brand 4YE to create a limited-edition collection of merchandise. The collection features vintage Superette reworks, combined with a limited run of pre-existing merch from the cannabis brand.

4YE is a Brampton-founded company launched by Jae and Trey Richards, who expanded to clothing after launching their successful YouTube channel in 2011. Since the brand’s first durag release in spring 2018, the pair continue to be inspired by their roots, employing thoughtful, considered design methods that explore the intersection of community and clothing.

The campaign, known as “Field of Opportunity,” is paired with another campaign called “Legacy to Legal,” which aims to pay homage to cannabis’ long history. The mission is to explore different perspectives on legalization through marginalized voices who were previously held silent during Canadian cannabis prohibition.

Superette, created by Mimi Lam and Drummond Munro, aims to be the antithesis of boring, sterile cannabis stores by injecting their retail experience with bright colours and statement accessories. They also produce gender-free organic clothing and scented candles, as well as offer home goods created in tandem with local artists.

Superette’s collaboration with 4YE brings the same kind of energy to its most recent collection, offering tie-dyed hoodies and t-shirts in bright colourways and bold graphics. The designs pull from popular clothing brands and university logos,  blending them with cannabis-related imagery as well as colloquial cannabis-related terms (like ganja) and a 1 of 1 approach.

The collection is available for international purchase on Superette’s website, and prices start at 74.99.

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