Taste Test: Legendary Toronto chef Hiro Yoshida gives us the goods on the best bowls of udon in town

Ramen may get all the press, but to many, Japanese udon with its delicious fat noodles is the real star. Legendary chef Hiro Yoshida, of his namesake T.O. restaurant, gives us the goods on the best bowls in town.

The winning udon from Fin Izakaya


Winner: Shrimp tempura 
Fin Izakaya, 55 Eglinton Ave. E., $11.95
“This is Japanese style. It has the right soy sauce and good dashi stock,” he says of the soup paired with shrimp tempura.

Yaki udon  
Kinka Izakaya, 4775 Yonge St., #114, $9.30
Chef Yoshida takes a liking to the pan-fried noodles with beef, mushrooms and scallion. “The noodles are good, and it all tastes good.”

Kara-Age udon 
EDO, Bayview Village, 2901 Bayview Ave., $14
“Wow, it’s gorgeous,” he says. The dish incorporates Japanese style deep-fried boneless chicken. “The soup looks nice; the broth is good.”

Chicken udon 
Yutaka, 157 Dundas St. W., $12
“This udon noodle is not al dente; it’s too soft for me. But the soup is very good,” says Yoshida of the bonito broth with chicken.

Katsu udon  
Sushi Inn, 120 Cumberland St., $8.50
“Wow, this is a fusion,” says Yoshida. “It’s too sweet, because of the tonkatsu sauce on top, but without the sauce it’s good.”

Seafood udon
Hub Sushi, 7398 Yonge St., Thornhill, $10
“The broth is good, and the noodles are al dente, but the soup stock is not a dashi stock. It’s a little sweeter, but it tastes good,” says Yoshida.

Beef curry udon 
Manpuku, 105 McCaul St., $5.99
“I like the Chinese-style beef curry,” says Yoshida. “It’s good, but I need more curry flavour. But the noodles are good too.”

Spicy udon 
Sushi One, 4924 Yonge St., $10.50
“The noodles are thin. This is like a Korean tofu soup but with udon noodles,” says Yoshida of the spicy seafood udon.

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