Taste Test: Midtown offers some of the city’s top flapjacks

You don’t have to trek all the way downtown for the perfect pancake, Midtown offers some of the city’s top stacks. We invited resident chef, Grant van Gameren, to determine the best hotcakes in the city. Whose flapjacks are the finest?

Winner: Skillet Stunner (A)
Scratch Kitchen, 3471 Yonge St., $11
“I really like the caramelization and the colour. It’s really good,” he says. “I really like this whole skillet thing.”

Berry delicious (B)
Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, 85 Hanna Ave., $16
“I like the wild blueberries they’re using for sure. It’s good flavour,” he says.

Triple threat (C)
Hazel’s Diner, 3401 Yonge St., $14
“It’s pretty darn tasty, like an all-in-one breakfast pancake,” says van Gameren of the bacon-, egg-, cheese-stuffed cake.

Buttermilk beauty (D)
Uncle Betty’s, 2590 Yonge St., $9
“I love buttermilk pancakes,” he says, “but the whole chocolate chip with syrup is very in-your-face sweetness.”

Bountifuls of banana (E)
Aunties and Uncles, 74 Lippincott st., $8
“Oatmeal is so trendy right now, and the banana flavour is cool,” he says.

Sensing cinnamon (F)
The Homeway, 955 Mt. Pleasant Rd., $8.95
“The cinnamon might be overpowering after the third one, but it’s well executed, he says.”

Crazy for custard (G)
Mitzi’s Cafe, 100 Sorauren Ave., $14
“I like adding the oatmeal,” he says, but he’d skip the syrup on top of the custard.

Finnish and fruity (H)
Fanny Chadwick’s, 268 Howland ave., $14.50
“I really like the ricotta, but mixed with the mango, the mango gets lost,” he says.

Article exclusive to TRNTO