That's one haute mama: Jeanne Beker on 4 cool outfits for Mom

This month, Jeanne walks us through four amazing looks — plucked from local shops — made just for Mom. From classic-with-a-twist Mom through to boho babe, we’ve got everybody’s favourite gal covered for the big day.

(A) High-fashion Mom
“This is for the fashion-forward mom who isn’t afraid of expressing herself. 1) This is such a gorgeous Etro coat, just beautifully tailored with that patchwork kind of mix that’s all the rage now and that shock of chartreuse on the inside. 2) And then a funky little Prada dress underneath with all these layered ruffles — very feminine. 3) This little bag is just sensational. I love the blush colour. It’s very modern, goes with a lot and is delightful for spring. What mother wouldn’t like something like this? 4) And finally you have these funky chunky platforms. There’s a great romance to this outfit; it looks like you’ve really got your finger on the pulse of style.”
Rewind, 577 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Etro coat $375 (original retail price $1,760), Prada dress $295 (ORP $1,500), MARNI bag $255 (ORP $1,920), Jean Michel Cazabat shoes $215 (ORP $1,051)

(B) The mother of all coolness
“This is for the mom with a bit of character. 1) Everyone loves a crisp white shirt; this is a great one. It has short sleeves and a little bow under the collar. It can be worn in so many ways. 2) Over it we have a beautiful soft faux suede biker-style jacket. It’s just so nice and light and has all kinds of great zippers on it. 3) Then we have these jeans that are slightly distressed and cut off at the bottom — I think of these as a kind of bell-bottom. They have a good amount of stretch — so they’re comfortable — and a great rise. We love a waist that’s a little bit higher. 4) Pair it all with this funky belt with a double buckle, this exotic clutch and a great floppy hat — a throwback to the ’70s. 5) Finally this beautiful wedge platform from Coclico will dress it up a bit.”
Thursdays, 1130 Yonge St., jacket $260, shirt $135, jeans $140, belt $140, hat $98, clutch $120; Coclico shoes at Studio D, 2570 Yonge St. $498

(C) Rock ’n’ roll Mom
1) “And speaking of motorcycle jackets, here’s a great one from Mackage — a Canadian brand to be proud of. This is especially nice with the quilted leather at the shoulder. It’s not too heavy, so it’s perfect for the spring. Underneath, we have this fun Missoni shift dress. We just love these spirited prints: literally stars and stripes and polka dots. It would make mom feel young and lively and hot and happening! 2) We love this white purse with great hardware: chains, wee studs and a gorgeous arrow closure. It’s really rock ’n’ roll. 3) And these printed leather shoes: whoa! I love the combination of fuchsia and red, and they’re elasticized, so fairly comfy for a stiletto. You may not want to go for too long a walk on Mother’s Day, but they’ll be great for the restaurant!”
Andrews, Bayview Village, Mackage jacket $690, Missoni dress $595, Mackage bag $390; DeI Mille shoes at Studio D, 2570 Yonge St., $695

(D) Mom with a pinch of boho flair

1) “Here we have a lovely lightweight jumpsuit that’s really great for a mother of any age. I really love the tropical print; the colours are beautiful; and it’s just simple styling. The fact that it’s Canadian design — what a bonus. 2) This little navy blazer is very comfortable and easy to wear, with very slimming lines to it. 3) Pair it with this little bag that’s also Canadian. It’s just a great shape with a bit of a distressed look on the leather so it looks like the kind of thing you’ve had around for a long time. 4) And then match it all with these huarache sandals. I like this soft silver metallic — it’s not in-your-face. Just a very comfortable shoe to run around in on Mother’s Day.” 
Coal Miner’s Daughter, 594 Markham St., Dagg & Stacey jumpsuit $176, Ninety-Eight blazer $170, Eleven Thirty bag $240, Cartel Shoes $88

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