The Billiard Room inside Casa Loma is now home to BlueBlood Steakhouse

When Sir Henry Pellatt built Casa Loma, chances are he never dreamed it would one day house a steak house. Until now, Torontonians had to be content to mow down on their steaks in, well, restaurants. Fortunately, the fine folks behind the castle have given us the very thing we didn’t realize we needed.

Enter the splashy new BlueBlood Steakhouse, located in the castle’s Oak, Smoking and Billiard Rooms. It boasts a restored interior, the oldest wine cellar in town and some very handsome cuts of meat.

Did we mention the cellar can house a casual 1,500 bottles of wine? Well it can.

As for that steak, anyone looking to really step out on the town can dive into some of their finest offerings: a $15-an-ounce Australian wagyu or a $20-an-ounce Japanese wagyu.

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