2020 fashion

Jeanne Beker’s top fashion finds of 2020

Fashion in 2020 took a very casual turn. Of course with many people working from home, loungewear was at the top of everyone’s mind. But fashion lovers also decided this was the year to have fun with accessories. Because no matter where you’re going — be it the dog park or the grocery store or just to take the garbage out — you’ll need a pair of shoes and a bag to throw over your shoulder. Here are the top columns from our resident fashion columnist Jeanne Beker that readers loved the most this year.

Summer bags 

Remember that glimpse into a new normal that we all got this summer. When stores, salons and restaurants were open. Patios were full of socially-distanced tables and people were out and about in the city again? Well that summer season had our readers on the hunt for the perfect summer bag. Something you can throw your mask into, along with some sanitizer, or something bigger that you can pack a whole picnic in.

Spring footwear trends 

Right before we all went into the first lockdown, we had Jeanne pick out the best shoe trends for spring. She outlined the perfect pairs from statement sneakers to spring boots and flatforms. Though the heeled boots likely didn’t make it out of the house this year, the rest of these picks were spot on.

Fall sweaters 

Once summer was over and case numbers were unfortunately rising again, Torontonians decided to cosy up at home for fall. So Jeanne found the most chic and luxurious sweaters for the season to keep you warm and cosy and still fashion savvy for that scheduled Zoom call.

Father’s Day gifts 

Many people weren’t able to hug Dad this year on Father’s Day, but they were still keen to get him the perfect gift. Jeanne’s gift guide on the perfect shirts for Dad was a hit with readers. Back in June, tennis courts and golf courses were open and she picked the perfect polos and button-up shirts to get Dad ready for his favourite pastime.

Chic sneakers 

No matter how much you love a gorgeous high heel, chances are you spent most of your year wearing sneakers. Without fancy restaurants, shows and parties to attend to, the sneaker became the footwear of choice for most people. So Jeanne found the most chic sneakers available to order online, because practical can always be fashionable.

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