Yunshang Noodle House

This Toronto noodle house is offering a pay-what-you-can menu to benefit SickKids

All proceeds from this special event to go directly to SickKids

On July 7, Yunshang Rice Noodle, the popular noodle house with locations in Willowdale and in Baldwin Village, is offering a special pay-what-you-can menu with all proceeds going to support SickKids Hospital. 

The rice noodle chain specializes in “Crossing the Bridge” noodles, a noodle soup dish popular in southwestern China comprised of fresh rice noodles in boiling hot broth, served alongside an array of toppings, including various proteins, bean curd sheets, scallions and other aromatics. 

Coinciding with the day of their third anniversary, the restaurant will give diners an opportunity to try these noodles and a range of other menu items, for as much or as little as they wish to pay, all while supporting SicKids’ Foundation’s campaign to build a new hospital. 


Yunshang Noodle House
Yunshang’s rice noodle bowl with toppings

 The dishes, available on a first-come-first-served basis, include their original rice noodle soup, a spicy version, rice noodle soup in a coconut curry brother, and others. Diners will also have the opportunity to try a variety of cold dishes and appetizers, from sliced beef and ox tongue in chili sauce to popcorn chicken. 

This campaign not only donates 100 per cent of its proceeds to SickKids, it also offers people who would otherwise not be able to afford this meal the opportunity to do so, at a cost they feel comfortable setting. 

Yunshang Rice Noodle’s “Support SickKids” menu will be available on July 7, from noon to 9 p.m. 

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