Too Close To Call: Holy Chuck vs.The Lakeview


The iconic milkshake is reinventing itself as a crazy concoction with wacky ingredients.Which T.O. milkshake purveyor really knows how to shake things up? You choose.





Johnny Prassoulis, 2011
Owner(s), year established:
Alex SenGupta (pictured)
and Fadi Hakim, 1932


The Nutella and salted caramel shake. But pretty close to it would be the bacon, fudge and sea salt shake. Yes, bacon!
What’s the most popular milkshake you serve? The apple pie milkshake, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It’s a vanilla shake made with a piece of apple pie blended into it. It’s a home run every time.
There are 20 milkshakes on my menu and a few in the making.

How many milkshakes are on the menu?
There are four different types of ice cream with Oreo cookies, berries, malt, rye whisky and more add-in options. The combinations are limitless.

I definitely have to say my foie gras milkshake. I don’t think anyone has ever done one before. One day I decided to add some seared foie and truffle oil to some vanilla ice cream with maple syrup — it blew me away.

Craziest milkshake concoction? One man’s crazy is another man’s snack. A good one is a chocolate milkshake with a side of fries where you dunk the fries in the shake. I think the inspiration was salty-sweet, savoury-sobering solution.
Not so much — I’m Greek. My memories are of roasting lambs on spits in my driveway and playing road hockey with my cousins. Maybe the odd strawberry shake after a soccer game.


Memory of growing upwith milkshakes?
My very first job was at a Baskin Robbins when I was 14. It was there that I mastered the right balance of ice cream and whole milk. 




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