Too Close to Call: Snack, crackle, pop!

Baseball begins April 6 as the Jays tackle the Yankees in New York. Forget the peanuts and Cracker Jack, root for the home team with a bowl of local artisanal snacks. Whose are a home run? You decide.




Joseph (pictured) and Caramhel Villegas, 2014 Owner(s); year established:
Michele (pictured) and Jessy Revivo; 2005
Caramhel is a pastry chef by trade, 
but since that industry is already somewhat saturated, we thought of bringing something new to the scene.
What inspired you to get into snack products? We started off in the bar/bat mitzvah circuit offering party favours, but we wanted to offer savoury snacks with a twist. We developed our “chip theatre” — a unique way to season snacks.
Last time we did a photo shoot, we fit 55 in the shop. We have 100 flavours; however, due to space challenges, we realized we’d just have to rotate. How many flavours do 
you offer?
Our bulk chips and corn come in 13 delicious flavours; our prepackaged chips come in six flavours and six of the gourmet bulk popcorn. 
Handcrafted tells a lot of things to the customers nowadays, and we are not bandwagonning on the term. How do you stand out from the competition? We hand season all orders fresh to order, allowing for each chip and kernel to achieve the same perfect taste.
I’d say it’s the Black Moomba. It’s our black cherry corn laced with Belgian white chocolate and coconut shavings. What’s your most exciting creation? As proud Canadians we pride ourselves on our maple corn. Our American counterparts love it just as much. 
You can mix two flavours in a medium bag and three in the larger ones. Can customers make
up their own flavours?

Sure! We can customize flavours based on volume and location.

Hopefully … once I claw my way 
out of popcorn.
Will you be attending any Jays games this season?
We hope to get out to a few games with some snacks in hand.
147 Baldwin St. 

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