Too Close to Call: The best of fall’s fests

This month, the Ukrainian Festival & Polish Festival go head-to-head. Which west end T.O. fest has the best eastern European party in town? Read on.

Desna – 1974

What year did your company start?

European Fine Foods – 1986

This is my second year performing at the Ukrainian Festival with Desna. However, as a child and teenager, I performed, volunteered and attended regularly. How long have you been involved with the festival Since 2003, when the Roncesvalles Polish Festival was still called the Roncesvalles Harvest Festival./td>
She taught me how to pinch perogies — you don't want them opening up and the insides coming out. And she taught me how to make delicious potato pancakes! Most cherished lesson you ever got from your baba/babcia? Never waste food! You never know when you may be without it. And also eat with a small spoon, which means, be thankful for the little things.
It’s great to see our culture and heritage preserved and celebrated. I also love running into old friends I met growing up in the Ukrainian community. Best thing about the Ukrainian/Polish Festival? Educating people about Polish culture and trying all the delicious Polish food.
We’ll be dancing on the main stage at the festival, and we perform at cultural festivals around the GTA and beyond. How can people find you?  At the festival! Or drop by on Fridays between 1 and 5 p.m. at 1191 Crestlawn Dr. in Mississauga for cases of Polish cookies, candies and our delicious Babci products.
Festival: Sept. 15 – 17 on Bloor Street W.   Festival: Sept. 16 – 17 on Roncesvalles Ave.

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