Too Close to Call: The Big Apple vs. Motor City, who has the better pizza?

North of Brooklyn and Descendant battle for the title of top ’za in T.O. These contenders bring south-of-the-border flair to their pie. Which pizzeria’s a real slice? You decide.

North of Brooklyn



Josh Spatz (pictured) and Alex Potter; 2012 Owner(s);
year established:

Chris Getchell; 2015  
We are making Brooklyn-style pizza in the city of Toronto, which is literally north of Brooklyn. What’s different about your pizza? It’s a descendant of Sicilian pizza. After making my first one, I fell in love.
Our most popular topping is arugula. We also do great roasted garlic, mushrooms and bacon. Most popular toppings? Mike’s Hot Honey, which we sell here at the pizzeria. It’s the best condiment in the world. 
Monday through Thursday, around 60. Friday through Sunday, about double that. Number of pizzas served daily? Sixty to 140 pizzas sold daily, depending on the day of the week.  
Brendan Canning and Matt Bonner. Have any local celebs come in? I met Ben Dussault, he was the drummer of my favourite metal band, Throwdown. Small world!
Margherita with roasted garlic and bacon. What’s your perfect pie? Double pepperoni, extra sauce. 
Using a rolling pin. It is a big no-no, especially in New York. It takes all the air (lightness and fluffiness) out of the dough/crust. Biggest pizza no-no?​  I’ve never made a pizza with chicken! I can’t bring myself to do it. I might one day, but for now, I just can’t do it. 
650.5 Queen St. W, 647-352-5700   1168 Queen St. E., 647-347-1168

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