Too Close To Call: Toronto’s top drag bars

This year’s WorldPride festival promises to be the biggest yet, so to celebrate we headed to Toronto's top drag bars, Woody’s and Crews & Tangos. Which queen rules the roost? You choose!






Miss Conception; 1989 


Drag is a misconception.

Name; year bar

Inspiration for your drag name?

Xtacy Love; bar reopened in 2010


My drag name was inspired by the state of “true bliss.” My initials are also a size. Dream big, be big and love big. 

I’ve been doing it for 14 years. My friend Ben dared me to do it, and I thought, ‘What the hell!’ How long have you been performing
and how did you get your start?
Two and a half years. I started in a pantomime where men play women,
but the audience thought I was a woman playing a man playing a woman. Drag seemed to be the next logical step.
Funny you ask ’cause
I just counted —
I have 176 wigs.
How many wigs are in your closeet? As a dancer, I can only count to eight, but I have at least five counts of eight!
Fourteen crowns! How many crowns does this queen have? I am the current reigning Miss Crews
& Tangos 2014 and the Drag Race
2013 winner. 
I’ve been performing a live singing show in Mexico for three years now and have been touring North America.


Tell us more about your performances. I’m known for high-energy dancing and storytelling. I did a very personal piece about domestic abuse and still get messages from people about how it touched them.
I’m performing with Courtney Act, from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Christopher Peterson on June 25, in a live cabaret show, and much more. What will you be doing during Pride? You can catch me performing at
Crews & Tangos all weekend long
— or look for me on the
float in the parade! 
467 Church St., 416-972-0887  

508 Church St., 647-349-7469






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