Too Close to Call: Whip it good

Grab your tickets and take your seats for the ultimate showdown of T.O.’s top roller derby leagues. Whose teams are supreme? Who rules the rink? You decide.




Monica Mitchell, Jenna Cloughley, Dawn Weaver, Alyson McMullen and home team captain Krizsanta “Santa Muerte” Greco (pictured); 2006 Founder(s); year established:
Cynthia “Splat Benatar” Brooks; 2007
ToRD started as several independent teams who banded together to form one massive league, on one dramatic day they called D-day How did the league get started? I wanted to start a not-for-profit league that was run for skaters by skaters to give back to the community.
The Gore-Gore Rollergirls, and I’m a skater for the all-star team CN Power What’s your team’s name? The G-sTARs.
Our Quad City Chaos tournament is at The Bunker at Downsview Park on March 21 and 22 with teams from Boston, Ottawa and Pittsburgh. What’s going on for March? We’ll be heading to the Orangeville Agricultural Society for a tournament on March 7.
Yoko Oh No You Didn’t. Best name on the rink? Heavy Flo. 
“Look At These Hoes,” by Santigold. Favourite song to skate to:

“Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” by Pat Benatar; my teammates play it for me.

I get really low, hit her, scoop her onto my back and toss her out of bounds. 

Sneakiest move on the rink:

I hit the jammer in the apex of the track and make her cut the track.
The Bunker at Downsview Park 
  Ted Reeve Arena​



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