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Toronto’s 35 best restaurants offering takeout or delivery right now

Each year, we bring together 60 of the top chefs in the city to come up with the definitive list of Toronto’s 50 best restaurants. That won’t happen this year thanks to the pandemic. But, we’ve tweaked our current list, dropped those who are not operating currently and added some from our list of the top 10 new restaurants that we published earlier this year.

We are happy to offer Toronto foodies our list of the top 35 best restaurants available for takeout and/or delivery right now.


1. Sushi Masaki Saito

Toronto landed a legit Michelin-starred chef in sushi master Masaki Saito when he opened his intimate Yorkville restaurant last year to much acclaim. Although chef refuses to do sushi takeout, he has prepared the most fabulous looking bento box dinners that are the talk of the town.


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2. Dandylion

Chef Jason Carter has begun offering his own prix fixe takeout menu the last few weeks, and it is consistently sold out, so be sure to get in on this early. A recent sample menu has chef serving bread and cheese, roast cod, red pepper and olives, salad, garlic rapini, and cookies.


3. Alo

Patrick Kriss’s fine dining establishment has consistently ranked as one of the city’s best. The restaurant is now offering its Alo at Home takeout program. Again, it is a set menu and it will sell out. Bookings usually happen at noon every Thursday.


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4. Edulis

Chefs Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemeth have been at their bucolic Niagara Street restaurant for a handful of years now, and have established themselves with their creative and consistently superior cuisine. They started their takeout program last week and it was a resounding success. This week they are offering an Edulis at Home Picnic for Pickup set menu for this weekend and it sounds amazing.


5. Giulietta

Chef Rob Rossi’s popular Italian restaurant took some time away to develop just the right takeout program, and it is set to launch, complete with meal kits and traditional takeout items. The much-lauded Dufferin Grove restaurant is set to reopen for pick-up and delivery through Uber Eats, Tock, and phone-in orders this Friday, May 15.


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6. Aloette

This restaurant is chef Patrick Kriss’s casual downstairs diner to the upscale Alo that resides above, but don’t be deceived, it offers its own unique culinary wizardry. Since the early days of the pandemic, it moved to offer delivery through the usual third-party channels such as Door Dash.


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7. Montgomery’s

Since launching, chef and owner Guy Rawlings had made it clear that he would do things differently with Montgomery’s. It is fiercely local, and if there is a thing called compassionate cuisine, it would fit nicely with what Rawlings is doing. So, it is no surprise that when the pandemic hit, he didn’t convert to a takeout operation. What he did do was come up with the very inventive Grassroots Food Box program. Here, each week, through an email newsletter, customers can choose from a selection of “seasonal food items, ready-made foods, special bottles and ingredients,” to pick up the following week.


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8. Il Covo 

Chef Ryan Campbell and partner Giuseppe Marchesini left Buca last year to start up this Italian gem in Little Italy and they haven’t looked back. The restaurant is trying a number of things during this time to reach its loyal customers, the latest is meal kits, a collaboration with Woodward Meats.


9. Paris Paris

Since sashaying onto the food scene in hipsterville, Paris Paris has been welcomed with open arms. Now, the restaurant is offering a few different things including bottle pickup and delivery twice a week and a number of special dinner menus including a special takeout collaboration with Gobin Dhillon and Jesse Fader this weekend on May 17.


10. Skippa

Chef Ian Robinson’s Japanese restaurant on Harbord has been firmly established as one of the finest in town, following his work under the esteemed Mitsuhiro Kaji at Sushi Kaji. Now, Skippa is offering special bento box dinners for curbside pickup. For example, one recent box includes cherry blossom trout from Hokkaido, Japan grilled over Japanese charcoal, clay pot rice with morel mushrooms and bamboo shoot with spinach miso available à la carte for $45.


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11. Alma

Following stints at Figo and Scaramouche, chef Anna Chen opened her first restaurant in the west end, and her unique and creative cuisine inspired by her Hakka-Chinese upbringing in India was an immediate hit. And good news for Torontonians, Alma is available both for pickup as well as for delivery through Uber Eats.


12. Oyster Boy

“Mollusks for the masses” is the motto at this Queen West seafood restaurant near Trinity Bellwoods park. The restaurant is currently doing its own curbside pickup and delivery of oysters, wine and beer — perfect for a long weekend.


13. Sakai Bar

Dundas Street West’s Sakai Bar is one of the city’s top spots thanks to its homey take on Japanese fare. Currently, the restaurant has just started doing takeout with a changing weekend menu as well as plenty of unique bottles of sake available.


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14. Buca

One of the top Toronto restaurants, Buca has grown to become something of a small empire for chef Rob Gentile. The restaurant is currently offering takeout and delivery out of its new Yonge and St. Clair location.


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15. Donna’s

Donna’s was started by three Momofuku alums in the Junction neighbourhood. The digs may be humble, but the food is a knockout. It was our second-best new restaurant in 2019 in our most recent rankings. Donna’s isn’t doing delivery, but is offering a takeout program to be picked up from the restaurant, pre-orders only, Monday to Friday.


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16. Local Kitchen and Wine Bar

This Parkdale gem features locally grown and Italian inspired cuisine. Both Local and its sister restaurant Lucia announced a takeout program for May 7.


17. Miku

Since 2016,  this Queens Quay restaurant has impressed with its aburi sushi — lightly torched morsels of fresh, creamy, and visually stunning slice of the season’s freshest catch on a bed of rice. Miku is offering a range of takeout and delivery options including delivery via the usual third-party apps as well as meal kits.


18. Enoteca Sociale

This Little Portugal favourite has been a west end go-to for house-made pastas, quality wines, and cosy vibes for a decade. Enoteca Sociale pivoted to takeout a couple of weeks back to offer prepared foods and pantry staples as well as a wine and food menu.


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19. Brothers Food & Wine

Yorkville’s 30-seat contemporary Canadian restaurant is renowned for its cuisine, vibe and exhaustive wine cellar. During the pandemic, that wine cellar is front and centre with both takeout and delivery options of some seriously top quality vino.


20. Favorites

Favorites, from the team behind Paris Paris and Superpoint, has introduced Toronto to a different side of Thai cuisine beyond the standard pad Thai and creamy curries, instead playing with bold and intense flavours. Takeout at the restaurant and delivery via Door Dash is now available Thursday to Saturday.


21. Alobar Yorkville

Yes, a third Patrick Kriss restaurant. He is that good. Alobar Yorkville is a small 75-seat restaurant that is part lounge, part dining room, part bar. It’s not as high brow as Alo, but an upscale casual alternative. Like Alo, there is now an Alobar at Home program, and it is just as popular.


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22. Barberian’s Steak House

This culinary institution is one of the top places in town for a steak, complete with that classic steak house atmosphere. During the pandemic, the restaurant is not offering takeout or delivery of its meals, but customers can get the same great cuts of beef through the Barberian’s Butcher Shop delivery service.


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23. La Banane

Chef Brandon Olsen’s fun and delicious French restaurant La Banane has become a beloved part of the Toronto culinary scene. Although the restaurant has yet to establish any delivery or takeout program, there is always Brandon Olsen’s ridiculously good fried chicken. Order Brando’s Fried Chicken here.


24. Ascari

This new King West restaurant builds upon the sizable reputation of its east end sister Ascari Enoteca. With a larger kitchen, the Italian restaurant really spread its culinary wings when it opened last year and landed a spot on our list of the best new restaurants in the city. The Ascari restaurant group has spearheaded numerous efforts in the city including the Save Hospitality advocacy group. The restaurants are also offering grocery box service, a bottle shop, and some other interesting initiatives so watch their social media closely.


25. Saigon Star

This Richmond Hill standout is one of the top spots in the GTA for Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Saigon Star is currently available for takeout directly from the restaurant or delivery through Uber Eats.


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26. Kaji

In a sleepy stretch of Etobicoke chef Mitsuhiro Kaji has held court at one of the country’s best sushi restaurants for two decades. Upon closing the restaurant due to the pandemic, Kaji has developed a wonderful takeout program that includes sushi and inari sushi amongst other things.


27. Antler

Chef Michael Hunter has created a restaurant rooted in friendship, family, and above all, the forest. This is the place to go for unique game meats impeccably prepared. The restaurant is offering a takeout menu to pick up at the restaurant and has also just added a new “game box,” with barbecue, sous vide, or oven ready items.


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28. Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto

Home to one of the most unique and special dining experiences in the city, Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto is presided over by chef Masaki Hashimoto, who trained for ten years in kaiseki cuisine in Japan before coming to Toronto over 30 years ago. Fitting with this restaurant, Hashimoto has crafted picture-perfect bento boxes for takeout that look like little works of art. There are other items also available including sake and wagyu steaks.


29. Union

One of the most popular and longest-running restaurants on the Ossington strip, chef Teo Paul’s Union has become a local landmark. Luckily, Union’s tasty fare is available via Uber Eats and Door Dash.


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30. Marben

This restaurant at Wellington and Portland has become one of the city’s top purveyors of Canadian comfort food thanks to the talent of executive chef Chris Locke. Marben had established a grocery box pickup program for various pantry staples but has also recently added takeout home-cooked meals such as shepherd’s pie, requiring 48 hours notice.


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31. Shoushin

Chef Jackie Lin’s North Toronto restaurant is beloved by locals and visitors alike thanks to the care and creativity that goes into every meal. For takeout, Chef Lin is no different. It might take an hour until your order is ready, but it will be worth every minute. Pickup starts at 4:30 p.m., pre-ordering is a good idea.


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32. Imanishi Japanese Kitchen

This Dundas West Japanese comfort kitchen is led by Sori Imanishi. It specializes in curries, izakaya snacks, and Japanese cocktails.  The restaurant is currently offering takeout Thursday to Sunday.


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33. Parallel

This Middle Eastern eatery is the anchor of the Geary Lane district. It makes great use of its heritage stone mill that cranks out smooth and creamy tahini that is the focal point of its cuisine. Currently, Parallel’s flavourful fare is available via all the usual delivery apps.


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34. Allen’s

This east end bar is a Danforth Avenue institution thanks to a gorgeous patio, well-stocked bar and a menu that goes well beyond pub fare. Allen’s offers naturally-raised organic meats and Ontario produce with wild boar, lamb shank and a selection of curries. The standards are also available such as burgers and fish and chips, many of which are available via takeout with the restaurant directly or delivery with the Uber Eats crowd.


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35. Little Sister

Jennifer Gittins and chef Michael van den Winkel of Little Sister have created a fantastic restaurant showcasing Indonesian cuisine for Torontonians including snacks, meats-on-sticks (think chicken satay ayam with fragrant peanut sauce) and salads (fried cauliflower with sweet-spicy rujak). And it is now available via takeout or Uber Eats.


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