The top news stories of 2020

As would be expected, the COVID-19 pandemic dominated our top news stories of 2020, whether overtly and less so. It is the story that changed everything. Herewith, our top news stories of 2020.

Tracking coronavirus in Toronto

In the early months of the pandemic, we used the city of Toronto neighbourhood maps to illustrate where the hot spots were in the city. The map is still available on the city website today, as the second wave takes hold.

Toll roads are always controversial

Our city hall columnist John Sewell penned a story on Mayor John Tory’s idea to implement a toll on the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway to ensure non-Toronto residents paid their fair share of the expensive infrastructure. As usual, Sewell had strong opinions on whether or not Tory’s would be effective.

Ontario casinos reopening

After battling the pandemic for much of the year, people were surprised to learn that casinos would be reopening in September 2020 with strict guidelines including a maximum capacity of 50 and no gaming tables. And they’ve been open ever since, but are slated to be closed during the Ontario-wide lockdown.

Jogger dinged $800

A runner getting some exercise in a midtown Toronto park was given an $800 ticket and it set off some serious alarm bells for our readers. Of course, now the city and everyone else acknowledges the importance of access to public spaces during the pandemic and even during the lockdown to maintain health and wellness both physical and mental.

Surfing the Great Lakes

Although jogging and cycling took off during the pandemic, and sales on snowshoes and skis are through the roof, there is also renewed interest in surfing on Lake Ontario. It’s hard to imagine a more pandemic-safe sporting activity than donning a head-to-toe thick wetsuit and paddling out onto the lake in freezing temperatures. But, hey, if there is a perfect sport for 2020, this could be it.

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