Toronto artist birdO reveals new mural on a rooftop in Yorkville

Toronto-based artist, birdO, is well-known for his Dali influence with a Swiss graphic design twist. BirdO has had a significant impact on the Toronto art scene and is at it again. This year, he participated in the Yorkville Murals Festival which took place from Aug. 28 to 30.

The festival happens every year at this time and spans three days showcasing Canadian mural talent. BirdO has been hard at work decking out the top of a parking garage building located at 154 Cumberland St. in Yorkville as his contribution to this year’s festival. The project has been dubbed Toronto’s largest unexpected mural as it covers the entire rooftop parking lot of the building and is best seen from a bird’s eye view. The larger than life mural is called C-horse.


birdO working on the mural

Yorkville Murals showcases work from Canadian artists and is free to attend. This year, the opening night event took place at 99 Yorkville Ave. with dinner and cocktails, as one of the many ticketed events apart from the murals.

Montreal-based Romeo’s gin, which helped to make this mural possible, was featured at the seated events, and showcased nine Toronto bartenders serving up gin-based cocktails. Dinner services took place each night of the festival and were quick to sell out.

The goal of the Yorkville Murals Festival is to make the neighbourhood a tourist destination by creating long-lasting art installations that beautify the city while also attracting visitors. The murals are painted on existing structures, ensuring their timelessness and are available during any season.

The murals that are part of the festival are free to see, but other ticketed events which took place each day of the festival, included artist series, talks, movie screenings, and solo exhibitions. Those looking to check out the murals now that the festival has come to a close, can get started in the courtyard at 99 Yorkville Ave. The festival’s website shows an interactive and detailed map that will guide you through the neighbourhood to see all the new murals that were part of this year’s event.

Article exclusive to TRNTO