Midtown BIA offering $15K in grants to help businesses go digital

If small businesses want to hold on and make it through the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is no option but to embrace the digital. Yes, it might not be enough, but it is something. And, one midtown Toronto BIA is taking an active role in helping its own members to create a digital strategy.

The Yonge + St. Clair BIA is launching a $15,000 Digital Growth Fund that will provide $500 grants to member businesses to support their transition to digital or to revamp their current strategy. The grant comes with free professional counselling.

The midtown BIA has established itself as a positive and forward-thinking group that has enlivened the public realm over the last few years with numerous creative projects.

“We’re trying to do as much as we can to support our local businesses,” said Jessica Myers, chair of the Yonge + St. Clair BIA, “and feel this grant can give them much-needed cash into their pockets now to help support their transition and growth into the digital space.”

The Digital Growth Grants will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis up to 30 eligible businesses.

The grants can be used for anything from setting up or maintain an online store, to staff training or digital marketing.

“This pandemic has forced local businesses around the world to find new, creative solutions online,” said Mackenzie Keast, executive director of the Yonge + St. Clair BIA. “We’re encouraging our members to use this funding to help them find their own unique ways to go digital in order to maintain revenue or customer relationships.”

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