Christopher Pratt painting

Toronto gets a new exhibition by Canada’s greatest living painter and it opens tomorrow

A new Christopher Pratt exhibition will debut at the Mira Godard Gallery on Hazelton Avenue in Yorkville on Saturday, Oct. 17. The exhibit will feature around 20 of Pratt’s unique images, including rare, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Newfoundland-based artist, Christopher Pratt, is beloved for his paintings drawn from his environment and memories and he continues to produce art at 80 years of age.

According to gallery director Gisela Giacalone, the gallery knows a thing or two about Pratt and his works, representing the artist for more than 50 years. The upcoming exhibit will showcase a survey of Pratt’s serigraphs and includes all original pieces.

Christopher Pratt
“New Boat” (1975); Photo courtesy of Mira Godard Gallery

“Some of the prints are rare, and they’re limited edition prints, and the images are unique — they’re not reproductions,” Giacalone says.

“Night on the Verandah” (1986); Photo courtesy of Mira Godard Gallery

As with most things under the pandemic, the Mira Godard Gallery has visitor safety measures, including a 10-person limit and sanitizing stations. The gallery stretches three expansive floors with plenty of room for social distancing.

“Winter Moon” (1987); Photo courtesy of Mira Godard Gallery

“People are great at complying with wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, and we are constantly cleaning the gallery ourselves and making sure that people can view things safely,” Giacalone says.

Interestingly, the current pandemic has made art more accessible to people that may not have visited a gallery in the past.

“I think people have the time now to reflect on things and visit things online,” says Giacalone. “This is a celebration of Christopher Pratt prints, which are a very important part of his production.”

Collectors interested in viewing the upcoming collection can do so online through the gallery’s PDF catalogue (available on the Godard Gallery website).

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