Toronto clothing brand pairs T-shirts with technology

Part four of our sustainable style series focuses on tech-forward menswear

In our fourth and final instalment of our sustainable style series, we learn about the technology behind KOY Gear and the Toronto team that brought it to life. This menswear brand provides functional and technological pieces from odour-free underwear to stain-resistant T-shirts.

When it comes to clothing, simple is better. Or at least that’s the firmly held belief that helped Geoff Wong and Patrick Li get KOY Gear off the ground. Pinpointing a trend toward a simpler style, while also being concerned with overflowing wardrobes that lacked technical innovation, the group got to thinking.

“Everyday clothing often didn’t address the daily pain points most men experience,” says KOY Gear partner Davis Riar. “People don’t want to think about what shirt they want to bike to work in, then wear to work, then wear to lunch.”

Average garments refuse to conquer concerns like odour, stain-resistance and breathability. “Clothing should be innovated so that it’s no longer a worry,” says Riar. 

The market gap was theirs to fill. The first product? Men’s underwear of the breathable and odour-free variety. Smartly, they used silver to vanquish smell, as it’s often used in medical technologies as a bacteria-killing method. No bacteria, no stench. Following a successful underwear launch, KOY has followed up with odour-resistant and breathable socks and T-shirts. The shirts are also stain-resistant.

“KOY Gear was created with the underlying belief that we could do business better,” Wong says. “We could use business to empower customers and make a meaningful impact in their lives.”

Sustainability is also a driving force behind the company. After all, the goal is to have their customers consume less by rewearing KOY’s durable pieces. For the average man, KOY is here to play a quiet but oh-so-supportive role.

KOY Gear inside The Fashion Zone, 110 Bond St.

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