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Ontario COVID-19 news: Toronto reports new one-day high in cases

Ontario is reporting 1,746 cases of COVID-19 today, an increase from the 1,708 recorded the previous day, but a decrease from the 1,855 reported on Friday. The province is also reporting 1,320 more resolved cases, but only 39,400 tests were complete (compared to the more than 50,000 tests completed each day for the prior three days).

Although it has been a week since Toronto and Peel Region entered a 28-day lockdown, both regions reported the highest number of cases in the province:

  • 622 new cases were reported in Toronto (a single-day high for the city)
  • 390 new cases were reported in Peel Region
  • 217 new cases were reported in York Region
  • 108 new cases were reported in Durham Region

Meanwhile, 19 positive cases of COVID-19 have been linked to Thorncliffe Park Public School after testing asymptomatic students and staff (18 students and one staff member tested positive).

Toronto Public Health notified the school after 433 tests were completed on Thursday and Friday. Parents were given the news via a letter on Sunday by the school’s principal. As a result, according to CP24, 14 classes have been asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

The school will remain open, but the building underwent a deep cleaning before the school day began, and additional COVID-19 testing at the school is scheduled to continue today. Still, people are concerned this might not be enough.



On Thursday, Premier Ford’s government announced that they would adjust the COVID-19 testing guidance for staff and students in Toronto, York Region, Peel Region, and Ottawa to allow voluntary asymptomatic testing over the next four weeks — this in an effort to better track how COVID-19 spreads around schools (which brought about a flood of criticism on Twitter).



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